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SULEV warranty includes PCV valve replacement?

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by redbaron007, Jan 12, 2020.

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    I bought my 2013 328i convertible a year ago. Two months ago, I started hearing a whistling noise while on a out-of-town trip (no check engine light). I took it to an independent Euro car specialist who said it's possibly a PCV valve issue and quoted $1500 saying valve is integrated with the cover and the whole procedure would take 5 hours. Since there was no check engine light, I did not go ahead with repair. Then about a week later, I started the car in the morning and it handled very rough, check engine light comes on. I managed to drive it to a nearest independent "European specialist" shop. He quoted me $1400 for PCV replacement. I paid and got it fixed.

    Recently I wanted to get an oil filter gasket replaced and was interviewing a potential mechanic. When I asked him how much he would charge for a PCV valve replacement he said it would be covered by SULEV 150k mile warranty since its emission related.

    I'm looking for 2 answers:
    1> Is PCV valve replacement covered under the SULEV 150k ml emission warranty?
    2> Which repairs/components are covered under the 150k warranty? Are replacements for ignition coils, plugs, fuel injectors covered?

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