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Suggestions for 1988-E24 Battery and Trickle Charger

Discussion in 'E24 (1977-1989)' started by sramdat, Nov 10, 2021.

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    Owners Manual recommends 90 A/h battery. Dealer installed 85 A/h battery about 6 years ago and I always had issues keeping it charged. Local BMW shop recommends AGM. Local dealer does not recommend AGM. Anyone using AGM (with/out trickle charger) on an E24? Appreciate your suggestions.
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    Offhand I don't know why an AGM wouldn't be just fine for an older bimmer, but I haven't researched it myself, if no further answers come up here, see what you can search up on the topic. If you're looking for trickle chargers, I've liked the Deltran Battery Tenders - https://www.batterytender.com/battery-chargers

    Trickle/smart chargers cycle the battery too, eventually (long time tho) the battery will cycle out and lose it's ability to hold charge. Just something to be aware for cars stored or driven occasionally. If AGM has more charge cycles it might be better for such a scenario - I suppose one question would be how AGM batteries sitting/charging do over time vs. daily running.

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