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Style 5 (BBS RC 090) wheel reassembly - bolt torque value?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by jimegelston, Feb 2, 2017.

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    I just bought five very nice used BBS RC 090 two piece wheels; the kind with 32 bolts holding them together. The seller had removed the bolts from two of the wheels to disassemble them to polish the lip. Then he gave up on that project and decided to sell them. So I get to put them back together. I cleaned up the thread lock on the nuts and bolts and am ready to assemble. Does anyone know the torque value for these bolts? They are M7 x 1.00.
    All I can find is a metric bolt torque chart (http://www.cncexpo.com/MetricBoltTorque.aspx) that calls for 156 inch/pounds (dry) or 116 inch/pounds (wet) for 8.8 grade. That guideline differs greatly from what this thread recommends - http://www.stanceworks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2597
    He tightened them in two stages, of 15 then 20 foot/pounds.

    Jim Egelston
    '89 535i
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    Found this from some brief googling, take it for what it's worth - I tried searching BBS split rim bolt torque, came up with surprisingly little that appeared definitive (you may want to search more comprehensively). Initially I misread the plastic/foil tip, which they're suggesting to protect the bolt head. If your bolts are splined as in the stanceworks thread, I'd think it would be important to try to get the bolts aligned with the spline grooves, if possible - perhaps they self-align as they're tightened. His tightening in stages and in alternating opposite bolt patterns makes sense to me, to ensure even tightening. I would have used coated dead blow and soft head mallets for any banging though so as to not risk hammer dings. All that work just to paint them and have the bolt heads clean - I would have gone for the clear-coated polished-lip look :D Make sure to use the right kind of loc-tite. Make sure you're not confusing INCH-lbs with FOOT-lbs - I found a thread where a couple of the posters were thinking the discussion was referring to LUG bolts, suggesting 100 FOOT-lbs, and mentioning they'd never used loc-tite for wheel bolts... you can see how easily the terminology could get confusing.

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    20 ft lbs with thread sealer put on them should be more than enough.

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