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stored 83 320is

Discussion in 'E21 (1977-1983)' started by guy ballesteroz, Jul 3, 2008.

    guy ballesteroz guest

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    this car has 56,000 og miles. not fired up/driven in ten years. henna red. i want to get it goin again(not for sale), but use it as a daily driver. 1st i need to kick myself, then what should i do next?
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    First thing I would do is open the gascap, and take a deep breath of $1.25 per gallon gas

    AlexW guest

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    +1 hahaha

    Sweet find!

    Here's what I would do:
    Complete fluid change and check condition of all belts. Personally, I'd replace every last one of them. It's cheap insurance, IMO. I'd rather spend 12 hours replacing every last belt in there than 12 months rebuilding a busted engine because I didn't take the time to get at them. Most of those are to be replaced on a mileage schedule or every 4-5 years, whichever comes first. At 10 years, I'd definitely do it.

    Check condition of hoses, too.

    You'll want to check it for rust. Rear shock towers, floor pans, door sills. Like the 2002, the rear shock towers are pretty known to become rusted in time. Check for leaks everywhere there is a gasket, particularly the trunk, sunroof, doors, etc. This really just lets you know how safe (no rust) or how convienient (non leaky) it will be as a dd.

    I know that it was common on E24's, but it's a good thing to check anyway, and that's the fuel filler neck that extends from the filler point to the tank. This tube is visible in the trunk. Make sure it's in good condition, check seals and everything. It can leak fumes into the passenger cabin, and this, very honestly, is quite annoying. Probably not terribly safe either.

    Glad to see another 80's bimmer owner out there!

    Good luck!

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