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stored 83 320is

Discussion in 'E21 (1977-1983)' started by guy ballesteroz, Jul 3, 2008.

    guy ballesteroz guest

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    i have stored this car for about 10 yrs. not fired up etc. it has 56,000 og miles.baught it off the show room floor. henna red. ok, i should first kick myself in the arse...then what next?
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    Actually, for that, I'd suggest contacting Mike Miller to get a definitive and better informed response than I can give you.

    I would think things to consider -

    Was anything done to prep the car for long term storage?

    you might very well need a new battery -
    God knows what coulda stuck/rusted/clogged -

    I think you'd want to drain the gas tank and start with fresh gas
    change the oil/filter
    flush the brake fluid
    I can't speak for how likely it might be that the fuel injectors could get clogged from old gas staying in the system - you'd need a Bentley manual for a procedure on confirming the operation of the fuel injectors -

    new spark plugs, and check to make sure you're getting strong spark on all 4

    maybe (not sure if this is recommended or not, ask someone who knows better) - squirt a little oil in the cylinders and manually turn the engine over to see if it's free and wet down the bores. Depending on how it moves, you might have an idea if piston rings froze/rusted/stuck in the cylinder bores. With the plugs removed, look in the cylinder bores, perhaps using a boroscope.

    Make sure the air intake system is clear -

    Have 2-3 cans of starting fluid onhand?

    That would be the precautionary approach - you could just throw a battery at it and see if it'd turn over, but considering how dry the cylinders could be, I can't imagine that'd be the ideal approach.

    I've never had to deal with your issue, so hopefully someone else will kick in - good luck with it -
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    I would concur with all said above plus I have heard guys squirting a little Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinders BEFORE putting in the new spark plugs thus giving the dry cylinders some lubrication before startup.

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