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sticking lifters on 06 330i

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by 06red330i, Oct 29, 2008.

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    A Couple Of Weeks Ago I Got What Sounded Like A Lifter Or Sticking Valve Sound From My 06 330i Engine With 22000 Miles On It. It Came And Went A Couple Of Times So I Took It In To My Dealer This Week To Have It Looked At, And Of Course It Wasnt Making The Noise When I Got There, I Told Them About It And Had A List Of Minor Warranty Items For Them To Take Care Of Hoping At Some Point They Would Start The Car And The Lifter/valve Sound Would Return. The Service Writer Told Me That They Have Had Other 06 330i In With The Same Sound And Had To Replace The Head On The Motors. Well Guess What I Got A Call This Evening From Them And They Said That When They Started My Car This Morning The Lifter Noise Was Present And They Got Authorization To Replace The Head On My Engine.
    Sounds Like There Is An Issue With The Heads On The 06 330i Engine. Any One Else Had This Problem?????
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    I know this is an old post but did you end up getting the head replaced? Any further issues with the lifters?

    My '06 330i has a lifter noise issue and it is annoying. It was serviced once by the dealer for this before I bought it and when the valve train tick came back recently my service rep gave me BMW Service Bulletin SI B 11 09 07, Intermittent Hydraulic Valve Adjuster (HVA): "Ticking" or "Rattling" Noise

    I thought someone told me or I read it somewhere the problem was with the oil return galleys on some heads. They were too large and too much oil would drain out of the head when the car was at rest.

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