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Stephan J. Dinan is ruining my marriage. . .

Discussion in 'E85/E86 Z4 M roadster/coupe (2006-2008)' started by Satch, Aug 29, 2008.

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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Well, okay: Actually, I suppose I'll survive. . . and we'll muddle through. . .

    . . . but while I was in Unca Stevie's House o' Pain putting Dinan wheels on the Woadster, the fair Kelly slipped her 335i into the Dinan shop where a pile of fourteen-year-old kids, it seemed, happily plugged alien probes into her car and hit the switch.

    Forty-five minutes later the damn thing emerged with Dinan software managing the eentsy-beentsy turbos.

    So of course the first thing we did was hit the on-ramp, her leading and me gobbling up the road behind her as we ran up through the gears. . .

    But then she hit third. And pulled away.


    Remember the line from "Hickey And Boggs"? Robert Culp says, "I gotta get me a bigger gun. I can't hit nothin' with this gun."

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    Satch, you'll "take her in the twisties."

    Unless she's a better driver than you. Having had YOU as an instructor I wouldn't be surprised. :)

    (just kidding, of course)
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    Seems like Senor Dinan *might* be improving things. It's all a matter of perspective. ;)
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    Are you sure he spells his first name with an 'a'?

    MVF4rider guest

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    All you need is the Dinan 3.91 final drive. That alone makes the Z4 M accelerate faster than a new M3.
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    I totally agree with this statement. I have driven both an E46 M3 with the 3.91 and without and that gearset really makes a hell of a difference. I plan to do that on my M coupe
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    It would ruin mine too ... if she had any idea how much the stuff has cost me. Please let's make sure yours doesn't talk to mine. :)
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    I get to meet Mr. Dinan later this month at a customer appreciation day at the local indy shop here that specializes in Dinan installs. God, I hope wifees card is paid off by then, she'll need it if she talks to him for more than 30 seconds. The E46 M may be a bit more stout leaving than when we arrived.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    That evil Dinan fellow

    I dassn't swap diffies because right now I run in a stock autocross class for M cars; if I had to run in a mod class, I would be even farther down the finishing order than I am now!

    Stevie D drives me crazy. When he was developing stuff for the Z4 M roadster, he built a prototype exhaust system. You know the way he does things: European software to figure out band radii and runner lengths, beautiful stainless welds that nobody will ever see, and a few hours listening for just the right exhaust note. Then assemble production systems bent to fit the dimensions of the prototype.

    But since Z4 (and Z3) owners tend to think their cars are perfect already, Steve didn't see a huge market for such a system, so he never bothered to put it into production---and the prototype went away when he sold the car.

    So now Party A's car is not only faster than mine, with its Dinan exhaust, it sounds better, too!


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