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STEP Program Guidance?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by mrsbee, Aug 2, 2013.

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    Howdy ya'll.
    It's time for Mrs. Bee to leave the hive of the nursery world and pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an automotive tech. I'm signed up and signed on for getting into an institute (not mental) and am looking to forward myself into the STEP program.

    Does anybody have any advice and/or insight on what path this will lead me down. It looks like I'll be relocating to north Chicago, so new friend in the club will have to be made.

    Also, does anybody know of any scholarships and or grants that would assist me in this adventure in life?

    I'm excited, tentative, but excited (hey, and moving away from this chapter would relieve me of my Newsletter duties).
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    Congrats on starting the change. I am a STEP grad from the New Jersey campus. Since your moving to Chicago I will assume your looking into UTI school or lincoln tech, I went to UTI was a decent school. STEP requires very good grad point average 3.8 or higher. Attendance is really big you pretty much have to have perfect attendance. Of course any awards you can get while there is always better, STEP is like applying for grad school of the auto world. There are scholarships out there I know goodyear has one but do a google search on them you will find quite a few. Hope this helps if you have any other questions please do ask.

    mrsbee guest

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    Lincoln Tech is the desired path to take. Not only do I have family up in those parts, it seems like they have their act together (and they talk funny like I do). I talked at great length with the admissions department about the STEP program, and they said the same thing, attendance is key. Heck, I might have to set up a tent in the parking lot just to assure I get there on time everyday.

    I've been looking into scholarships, and have found one or two focused on females in the automotive field, but I guess I thought I would find more. I can't say I'm looking for handouts, but hey, every little bit counts. Does anybody know if BMW offers one? I tried to look, but I can't say I've found anything.

    Thanks for your help!

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