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starting problem

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by KERMUDYUN, Apr 17, 2018.

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    We have a 2007 550i with 114,456 miles.
    last 2 weeks car intermittently would not start w/o putting shift in R or L and rocking it. After doing this the car would start. (This has occurred 3 xs out of about 21 actual starts)
    Battery and starter checks out OK.
    I have heard that the Neutral Safety switch might be the culprit but also the starter might be landing on a "dead spot".
    I would like some ideas about this as my wife drives this car and I don't want her stranded anywhere.
    I have 3 other Bimmers including another E 60 (525i) that has never had this problem.
    Thanks for your thoughts/ideas!
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    This one is hard to say could be multiple things. I don't think it's the starter since the 550i starter rarely needs t be replaced and seems to be starting most of the time ok. Possible neutral sensor is not working. ( would need to read status for this from the control module to see if it is dropping out) If you have a second key I would try using that instead of the current one. I see a lot of issues with random no starts caused by the key not sending the correct random code especially in older vehicle. Another could be the EWS not sending the start signal out.

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