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Stain on the instrument cluster..

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by rlubocki, May 7, 2008.

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    I have a detailing question.. I have a almost new Z4, and the only cosmetic thing wrong that bothers me is the instrument cluster, the clear plastic has a water stain. I researched that that the clear plastic is not interchangeable, I will need to buy the whole cluster unit... I tried cleaning with a micro fiber damp rag, but did not clean it off. Is there a product that will target this stain, that is not abrasive? I thought the stain was from the inside, but the dealer insists its on the outside... I appreciate any feedback...
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    Did you try some mild vinegar/Windex? If it is a hard water stain, that should work to dissolve the minerals...
    I would NOT use anything abrasive as it will scratch the plastic and possibly make it worse.

    rlubocki guest

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    Thank you!

    I only tried water, but I guess water wont remove any mineral stains. I will try the vinerar, and use a microsuade rag, it might dissolve.. Thank you for your time!!

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