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Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by mac townsend, Jan 16, 2009.

    mac townsend guest

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    1984 325e. 221M+ miles.

    I am getting a squeak (can hear it at low speeds). seems to be wheel rotation-based but it I tap the brakes it stops. varies slightly if I jig the steering wheel back and forth (a taste louder steering right). seems to be right side.

    brake pads look good...plenty of meat left.

    (and it it were wear strips causing the noise, the sound would get worse with brakes applied, not better...yes?)

    I cannot detect a noise or "grinding" feel with the right side in the air and turning the wheels by hand. the wheels have no unexpected play in-out, top-bottom wiggle, etc to indicate wheel bearing issues.

    the pads do have contact with the rotor with the brakes off. (as they should have)

    at highway speeds there is no noticeable squeak. but it could be overall noise level masking it.


    Devilsown guest

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    My mini does it do at low speeds I took all my pads off and scuffed them up with some sandpaper to take the glazed layer off... no more squeeek
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    Mine would do that on occasion. It was pad related. No such thing as wear strips on any BMW brakes.

    mac townsend guest

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    OK...I get it, and will giver 'er a try this weekend if I am allowed to <G>

    kearnsclan guest

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    squeaky noise????

    curious about your noise.....my 540i 6 sp/sport 2001 84k miles is doing the same thing. Worse when cold and gets better when 'warmed up' after 10-15 miles..
    Driving me nuts!!

    any answer you found out??? Much appreciate it,

    EricSeymoure guest

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    i would check to see if the brake pad retaining clip is offset and touching the rotors

    hope this helps!

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