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Sporadic Valve Tick

Discussion in 'E36/8 Z3 M coupe (1998-2003)' started by Stevewill1959, Sep 24, 2009.

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    Getting a valve tick on start-up, but not everytime. Car can sit over night and not tick or may sit for a couple hours and will do so. Tick goes away in a couple of minutes but is very prominate. Car is a 2000 M roadster with the 3.2L S50 power plant. Car runs great, just has this annoying tick that may or may not appear. Thanks!
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    I do not believe an S52 requires valve adjustments, which is what I'd say would be causing it. Since this isn't the case, I would just say it's normal. Does it tick when you run the car for a while, shut it off, and then start it again?

    If it only does it when the car's been sitting long enough to cool down, I would say this is normal. That ticking usually goes away in our cars after the oil is warm enough to be circulating around the engine. It ticks louder when cold because there isn't enough oil lubricating the engine when cold (oil doesn't flow as well when cold), so give it enough time to warm up and I would say it'll be fine.

    Hopefully one of the techies will confirm this, but this is what seems logical to me.

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