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Source of Burning Smell through 330ci ventilation?

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by bclarkeva, Feb 10, 2009.

    bclarkeva guest

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    Problem: intermittently, I am getting the smell - er, stench - of burning wire insulation through the ventilation system. If I shut the system down, the odor does not enter the cabin. This is not an oil-dripping-on-the-hot-manifold smell; I know that one. I've encountered it a couple of times pulling into the garage, so I throw the hood up and sniff around the engine compartment but cannot pinpoint it. It may be coming from the passenger side firewall area but I cannot swear to it.

    Given that about 3 weeks before the problem began I had the resistor in the ventilation system replaced by my dealer, I thought that might be the culprit (defective or something) but my dealer says absolutely not and they have no idea what might be the issue (i.e. nothing that might be a known issue causing the stink). They would, however, look for some burnt insulation under my dash and hood for a mere $130 per hour diagnostic charge.

    Anyone have any ideas what the source may be of this odor?

    Thanks very much,

    Bob C

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