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Sorto of a DIY question: How to put on the BMWCCA emblem

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by stevej2001, Sep 8, 2013.

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    '11 535i.

    For some reason the club sent me an emblem to put on the front grille of the car. It looks pretty cool, so I opened my hood and saw I couldn't get at the inside of the grille without removing... stuff. As you might imagine, I'm not much of a DIYer. I'm even ok with the lack of the dipstick.

    Am I missing something or is this impossible for a mechanically challenged owner?
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    steven s

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    You were sent a limited edition grille badge because you bought raffle tickets.

    You need to remove the protective coverings to gain access to the kidney grille.
    I've seen some people pop out the grille to install it. I wouldn't recommend that.
    I've also see some people fasten the wide piece to the badge, insert it through the grille and rotate.
    I don't know if I'd do it that way either.

    You may need your shop install it if you don't want to remove the plastic shroud.
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    TomF BMW EnthuZiast

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    It kind of depends on what model you have and where you want to put the badge. I put the ///M stripe badge in the lower air intake on my Z4 M Roadster (not on the kidney grilles) and the easiest way to access this area was to pop out one of the kidney grilles, which is a piece of cake on a Z4, and then just reach down to the lower air intake to hold the retaining bracket and nut. Ease of installation will depend on the model and how easy it is to access the area where you want to put the badge. See if it would be easier to access from below by taking off the screws on the leading edge of the engine underbody panel.

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