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Snow Tires

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by jhcurtiss, Oct 17, 2008.

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    I agree about the Dunlop Winter Tires. I have them on my e46 and they are fantastic. I often forget I'm running snow tires when I'm driving aggressively on dry pavement in the winter.
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    RE 2001 530i
    After a 360 degree spinout on black ice three Saturday's ago (thank God I was untouched by the oncoming semi/ and I was solo-- no wife and child with me) .... I just had the Tire Rack ship Rial's with Dunlop Winter Sport 3D's... wow. I just drove from Indy to Cinci in 15 degrees and these things handle close to summer tires and are very quiet too. great investment in family safety.
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    I guess I'll chime in. I sold my run-flats shortly after my ED re-delivery. I wrapped the OEM wheels in Blizzaks in OEM sizes (staggered set-up). I have separate set-up for spring and summer. They have been great tires here in N.Va. I mainly got them for the cold temps as we get very little snow here. The one storm I drove them in (Rock Island, IL) they did absolutely great. My local tire shop rotates them for me for around $70. That is remove the tires from the wheel as so they can be rotated side-to-side.
    I will also concur that 40 degrees is about as low as I would go on summer tires.
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    x2--what he said, exactly.

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    I bought a steel wheel package and Continental Winter tires from TireRack for my 2002 M3 and they have been excellent! I paid under $1000.00 for the whole package and they handle great even when it is dry and warm.

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    Stick with tire rack again. Back on pages 1 and 2 there are tons of great tire reccamendations. It sounds like you went with a steel wheel on your 2002 M3, and that is a good thing to do w/ any snow tire.

    The dealership sells OEM wheels, so they are going to charge you OEM prices. Save the Cash, it will be better spent on other things.

    Enjoy, drive safe!

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    winter tire size for 128]

    I would go with the 16 inch for winter tires. Generally, a smaller wheel diameter, greater height tire, and narrower track is recommended for winter tires. One size down in wheel (if Tire Rack recommends it) is preferable for snow tires.

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