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Smartphone integration vs. Bluetooth

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by sarath, Feb 12, 2010.

    sarath guest

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    Hi all,

    I just joined BMWCCA after buying my first BMW - a new 2009 328i convertible Space grey with red leather - and yippee does it look sweet :) Love the forums and the whole culture I'm discovering.

    Sorry to ask what is likely a newb question, but I've searched around and cannot find an answer posted already:

    My car has both the smartphone integration (6NF) and ipod/usb adapter options, plus Bluetooth. I've got Bluetooth working just fine with my AT&T Fuze (HTC Touch Pro) phone, but I can't find an adapter plate for the phone to the smartphone connection. (I guess I could just plug it in directly to the USB port).

    Could anyone please explain to me the functional difference among the previous connection states?

    Meaning: with Bluetooth I seem to have access to the phone function plus the Contacts. I can think of a bunch of other possible benefits from various connection states, like:
    - play MP3's from the phone over the car's speakers
    - charge the phone
    - use the car's antenna to extend the phone's range

    Can any of you explain which benefits come from which connection state?
    And, as a second irritating question; there doesn't seem to be a 6NF connection plate for HTC phones (which just use a mini-USB port). Does anyone know if any of the existing plates will do as an equivalent, or if there's a hack out there?

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    If the phone is plugged into a smartphone adapter it will be connected to the antenna on the roof and the battery will also be charged. The rest of the functions should be the same.

    Jonathan Spira guest

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    You can't use a different SIA if it's not made for your mobile. That's why it only makes sense to get the smartphone integration if there is a SIA for your particular device.

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