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Site feedback

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by Bill Howard, Feb 22, 2008.

    Bill Howard guest

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    BMWCCA.org 2.0 is launched. Tell us what you think. If you find a glitch, let us know and we'll get on it. If a procedure doesn't make sense, or you can't find a piece of info where you believe it should logically be stored, tell us. Or if you like the site, we're happy to hear that, too.
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    Brian A

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    Are you going to be migrating over the Forum content from the old website?

    Seems like there is too much wisdom therein to just leave it behind. There is a wonderful active thread right now titled "Help with my situation" under the "General Discussions" forum for example.

    jesimmons guest

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    SQL Error

    Same here. Can't link my BMWCCA membership to my website id.

    Thanks in advance for fixing it... I'm sure you will.

    --- EDIT ---
    Looks like its fixed now. Thanks.:)

    jesimmons guest

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    I like the overall format, organization and feel of the site... So far.

    It seems to follow similarly to the organization of the Bimmerfest site (which I also like).

    jesimmons guest

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    Just logged in today. Even though I logged in yesterday and have posted in the last 48 hours, I see this message after I log in:

    "Welcome back jesimmons. Our records indicate that you haven't posted here in a few weeks. We miss you. Why not take this opportunity to check in and post a question, comment, or just engage in a conversation? Or check out our Gallery or Product Reviews and leave a comment. We really value your input and look forward to seeing your post. "

    Could be a web site glitch?

    fxoleary guest

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    Can't link either

    I also can't link to old profile. In my case I believe SQL is choking on an apostrophe in my last name:

    Warning: odbc_exec() [function.odbc-exec]: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 'Leary'., SQL state 37000 in SQLExecDirect in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Net Server\stage\lib\imis.inc on line 426
    Error in SQL verify

    BrianLoeb guest

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    Easier Log on

    I am going to visit the site a lot more now that i can sign in much easier. I have been posting away for the first time in the year that i have been a member.I agree with the other people though, where is all the Tech talk, and the volumes of info on the the Bimmers, not to mention my favorite the E30!!! i am sure it is all in the works and you are all working hard to remedy this situation.

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