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Sib 220109

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by ecohen2, Oct 22, 2010.

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    I have a Z4 M Coupe that falls into the production range for a service relating to motor mount bolts failing. When I went to the dealer, they told me it doesn't show up on their computer so they won't do it. How do I get this service performed?

    I am tempted to just buy the parts and take my car to a local garage to have it done. The downside to not having it done is that you eventually break an oil line, which I would prefer to not do.

    Ed Cohen

    Here is the SIB: http://www.unofficialbmw.com/images/sib220109Z4motorbracket.jpg
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    Take it to another dealer if you can.

    Don't just blindly "wheel it in" to "a local garage" that may or may not perform SIB work to BMW specs. How many times did you say you wanted this fixed?

    SIB work should always been done by a factory authorized dealer.

    If there are no other dealerships nearby, speak to the service manager and tell them that this is a BMW factory-mandated service, paid for by BMW.

    If they still refuse to work on it, inform them you will be ordering a customer-satisfaction survey from BMW North America, and you will mark zeroes across the board on the survey for their dealership if this work is not performed to yours and BMW's requirements.

    I would also point out that this is a safety-related repair. The results could be disastrous for your vehicle, as well as endangering your safety if those bolts were to fail.

    Then stand back and watch the fireworks.
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    I also have a Z4M and a printout of the SIB. Actually, I have most of the SIB's for the Z4. The SIB states that it is: E85, E86 M Roadster and M Coupe with S54 engine up to 3/08 production.

    My car was produced in March of 08. This makes the cut off kind of a grey area for my car.

    What/how, in your opinion would BMW categorize this? Does it fall into the SIB range or out side? I have wondered about this on other SIB's.

    A lot of us in the Z4M community have just gone ahead and did this repair on our own with the recommended replacement bolts or even upgraded the bolts. I have not as of yet due to the fact that my car is till under the normal 4/50 warranty.

    The repair is not too difficult..

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