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Shipping a car to Europe and then back to the States

Discussion in 'European Delivery' started by fparmenter, Dec 21, 2011.

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    I hope this isn't too much off-topic for this forum. I want to ship my Z3 to Europe, drive it around for a month or two, and then have it shipped back. I get all sorts of contradictory information on how difficult this is. Is there anybody out there who has actually done this and wouldn't mind sharing their experiences?

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    No experience, but seems possible that all potential costs involved (customs processing/transportation to & from/licensing/certification/insurance, perhaps/etc.) might make a 2 month rental more attractive. Depending on insurance costs for the coverage, a rental would mean you could rest a little easier over any concerns about theft or damage. Not that it would be any better state-side, but to me at least, it would be a real drag to lose your own car over there.
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    I would not attempt it. I have been involved in getting a Harley Davidson motorcycle shipped to Germany, and it took 3 months (Sept.-Nov. 2011) to get it through US customs using DHL as the shipping agent.

    Rent something there. It solves so many issues.
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    GrassRoots MotorSport had an article years back about a guy shipping his Scirocco to Europe and back - Stated it was not that hard and he had a blast - meeting fellow VW enthusiasts, curious policemen and driving flat out on the autobahn

    Things change but it is a bucket list item for one of my cars ...

    PS - there isn't much traffic on these forums - So being 5 years too late to influence any decisions - no one will notice :)
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    It cost 19031.30 DKK to ship my car to the U.S. :)

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