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Shifter Knob

Discussion in 'E36/8 Z3 M coupe (1998-2003)' started by TommyBuckman, May 8, 2010.

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    I have a 2000 M Roadster. Twice while feeling "froggy" I jumped on other cars for an impromptu drag race. When shifting extremely rapidly from 1st to 2nd, I snatched the shifter knob off, and had to continue shifting during my "play time" with the rod only sticking up, with the knob and lighting wires for it trailing behind. My repair manual says that the knob is only held on by interference fit. What is the best remedy to keep it from coming off during "spirited" driving? Yes, I know it is not a muscle car, and should be handled more delicately, but old habits are hard to erase. For you BMW purists, you would appreciate this last drag race. I was on a trip to the beach for the weekend to meet up with my family, w/ the top down. While in heavy traffic I rolled up to a stop light on a 6 lane, and what do you know, but a modern (2004-2006) Pontiac GTO manual pulled up along side w/ a young marine driving. As I watched the light turn green, we both eased out and both immediately stepped on them. To my surprise, my M Roadster jumped out in front. I couldn't even hear my car's engine because I was right beside that bellowing "Goat". I went to 2nd, loosing the knob, staying a half car length in front, went to 3rd with the rod, with the GTO side by side. I backed off as we were now running 70 something in a 45 zone. The GTO continued on a bit further. I am assuming he had 3:23 rear gears, and I must have about 3:55 gears. That would level the playing field for my 3000 lb 240hp car to his 3900lb 360hp car. Pretty wild! Say's a lot for the little L6 S52 engine!
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    I'm thinking you probably broke it, I know when I took my stock knob off I ended up breaking the little plastic tab inside

    you might be able to put it back on with epoxy or something but you better hope you never have to pull the console apart
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    I don't know many purists that drag race, especially on the street. :confused:

    That's my guess too.
    I say replace.
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    If the plastic tabs are now broken inside, you can use the "golf grip mounting technique" to hold the shift knob back on:

    1.) Wind a bit of double-face tape around the bare shifter shaft.
    2.) Wet down the tape glue with naptha (lighter fluid / BBQ fluid etc or use some other hydrocarbon).
    3.) Slide the shift knob back onto shaft over the temporarily slippery tape.
    4.) Wait a least 6 hours for the tape glue to dry off and stick.

    This is the way golf grips are mounted onto golf clubs.

    FWIW, my broken shift knob is held on this way. It's not going to come off now without a fight.

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    Shift knob

    I had the same problem in the same type situation. A number of times. So I replaced the shift knob with an aftermarket knob that is held on with set screws. End of problem. Don't have a lighted shift pattern anymore. But how many times do you check your shift pattern in the dark anyway?

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