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Shark injector or other flash upgrade for 330 ZHP?

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by jas67, Jun 7, 2011.

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    I looked at the specs for the Shark Injector on Turner Motorsports. They only show like 4 HP/7 ft*lbs, where the E36 325is gets 22 HP / 20 ft*lbs.

    Are there any other flash upgrades for the E46 that produce more gains?
    I have a ZHP, which is a factory-tweaked 330. There might not be any more to gain w/o internal changes, or forced induction.

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    I wouldn't say definitively, but my guess is that the with the later cars, BMW has left a lot less on the table when it comes to exploiting an engine to it's max performance potential - the older cars, there was more room for gains by simple things like fuel remapping, ignition curve tuning & higher octane fuel. You can shop around, but talk is cheap, and it's easy for anyone to make big claims that are either optimistic or fictional. Thus the advantage of reputable vendors - it might not sound like YEEHAW, but, at least you can have a higher degree of confidence about what you're paying for.
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    ZHP Mafia

    Best place for zhp owners to find out is the probably the zhpmafia.com forum site.

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    If you're looking for guaranteed power gains, I'd definitely go with headers and an AA tune. from what I've seen, that combination yields some pretty decent power gains.

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