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Service for your diesel?

Discussion in 'Diesel' started by cwbiii, Dec 21, 2010.

    cwbiii guest

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    I just traded my 2006 750 in for a 2009 335d.
    I purchased the extended service contract as this was well worth the cost I paid for it on
    my 750. I have a year or so to choose whether or not to purchase the extended warranty for this CPO vehicle. What I'm wondering is what kind of abnormal service (if any) have you had to endure on your 335d... It hard to come by any reliable service info for this rather new vehicle (at least in the US).
    BTW, I gave up asking when they were going to import a 7 series diesel into the US. After driving the 335d, that engine would work just fine in the 7 series.

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    I monitor several bulletin boards/forums, and haven't seen anything "exceptional" with the diesels. A few people are above 50K miles, but most are in the 10K-40K range; as you say a little too early.

    There have been a few instances of problems with the DEF exhausting itself fast, some complaints about lower mileage after a software update (probably not the update's fault), and a couple other minor things.

    Sorry not to be of much help. Bimmerfest seems to have the most active diesel drivers, btw.
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    A lot more fuel filters, mostly.
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    Long term service issues 335D

    I had my fuel filter changed at 15,000. They have had recalls on the larger diesel fuel pumps on the 335X5. I worry long term about injector replacements and EGR valves. The torque makes this car the roll on king.

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