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Seatbelt/Seat lock light help, 2001 330cic

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by raichean, Jul 9, 2008.

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    I am beyond irritated by a little function of my car. I had my driver's seat taken out to replace the worn leather on the boulster.

    What I didn't know, is apparently the seatbelt light will blink (even with seatbelt on and latched) if it thinks the seat isn't completely locked back.

    Since the repair, the sensor in the driver's seat is very touchy, and doesn't want to turn off if I push the seat forward or back. I found that if I had the belt on, and unlatched the seat and pushed it back hard, the sensor would close and the light would go off. Ok.. irritating but ok.

    Welp.. that doesn't work anymore and it now blinks 100% of the time.

    Any suggestions of how to fix this, or if not, tear the damn thing out? I would LOVE to just short that connection or something and make it think it was closed all the time or whatever it takes.


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    By law seat buckles and seat belts have lifetime warranty, you should go your dealer and they will replace the buckle.
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    Since when did this go into effect? Will they bother with a 21-year-old car? lol
    Any documentation to support this in case the dealer laughs in your face because you thought you could get something free?
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    sorry if the info wasn't clear, but it isnt the buckle itself.

    Normally if you start, without the seatbelt the indicator light is solid until you snap in the buckle. That works.

    The seat though, if it is not locked back (because you unlocked it to let someone in the back) blinks if the car is running.

    In this case, the light blinks now continuously since my seat repair, and while I used to be able to get it to go out, I can't anymore.

    It is driving me NUTS.

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