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Seat reupholstery and carpets

Discussion in 'E21 (1977-1983)' started by joelpalmer, Jul 12, 2017.

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    I just purchased a 1980 323i (European version) two door coupe. Car is excellent mechanically and has new paint; the interior is rather worn. I want to get carpets and seat covers for it. Seats are blue cloth and wish to switch to vinyl or leather; carpet is a weird tufted blue/black tweed. So can anyone recommend a great supplier of covers at a realistic price. First quote I got for vinyl seats from World Upholstery is more than I paid for the car; expect the same from GAHH (c'mon guys we are not talking a Ferrari here). Seats will be the four pleat design; carpet should approximate the factory look (or German square weave, if affordable. All help is gratefully appreciated and if I can return the favor, I have great resources in South Florida from everything from mechanical and paint to car transport anywhere in the USA at 60 cents a mile TYVM
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    Are they the stock seats or Recaro's? If the carpet's original but something oddball and in ok shape, not totally shot, might be worth ebaying, there's a possiblity of someone looking for it because it was uncommon. If they're the stock seats, I wouldn't be surprised if they need new gummipflege seat pads too. I hated my 320i seats, no lumbar support and my back would be aching in two hours of driving. Needless to say it was swapped with a Recaro pretty quickly. I'd say ask on 2002faq.com and mye28.com, lots of expertise there that in that vintage/era. If you're in a metropolitan area, you might have some luck with a local upholsterer. There _might_ be somebody out there with specific E21 stock seat covers, but there wouldn't be much demand these days, I wouldn't be surprised if google searching for that came up with nothing but generic seat covers.

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