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SE region HPDEs?

Discussion in 'Driving Schools' started by ParadoxD, Feb 22, 2010.

    ParadoxD guest

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    Either I'm completely blind or there is a serious lack of any driving events in any of the Florida BMWCCA chapters. I was a little disappointed to that fact, as it was one of the main reasons I joined - hearing all the great stories of driving events going on elsewhere in the country. Right now it seems like I'm paying $50/yr. for a Roundel subscription. It's great, but I was looking forward to actually having more opportunities to drive my car ;)

    I currently run autocrosses with SCCA, PCA, and another local club - but I just got back from doing an HPDE @ Roebling Road with the FL Citrus Region PCA and I'm itching to do more. I would really like to find some BMWCCA hosted events in the tri-state area (FL/GA/AL). Could anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Peachtree chapter I think does 2 or more events at Road Atlanta every year .... Surely it seems like someone down your way would run @ Sebring - I think I heard a couple years back Moroso was redone; that track was a bit on the short side, I don't know if the 're-doing' added anything. I know there's a BMWCCA school or two at Barber Motorsports park, not sure which chapter hosts. Summit & VIR would be that much more of a trek, both in Virginia.



    http://www.tarheelbmwcca.org/ (VIR)

    Check April 3rd, looks like a 1-day d.e. - http://www.bayou-bmwcca.org/Calendar.html

    http://www.heartofdixiede.info/ (Barber)

    And it looks like there's stuff going on in Texas... But yes, doesn't seem to be much happening in Fla. as far as BMWCCA schools. Ask your chapter leaders why not, I think there used to be more.

    ParadoxD guest

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    Thanks! I did stumble upon peachtree chapter and it looks like they do both Road Atlanta and Roebling Road, which is good and definitely close enough for me. I'll have to look into Barber.

    You would certainly think with Sebring and PBIR (Formerly Moroso) so close there would be more stuff going on from the local CCA chapters. But it seems they are not much more than meet and greet people, sadly enough.

    There's plenty to learn from rolling with other clubs (PCA, for example) but I was really looking forward to some BMW-centric DE's to gather as much application-specific knowledge as I could that you can't get so easily elsewhere.

    Anyway, thanks a ton for the info. It is much appreciated!
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    steven s

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    I registered for Barber with Heart of Dixie last week. They have a DE Memorial Day weekend.
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