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SCR tank extended warranty

Discussion in 'Diesel' started by daveclose, Jun 5, 2017.

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    Chuck, I cannot stress to you enough to give up on the car. The next time the SES is off, sell it. Diesels are no long desirable. Let me give you the best example: I sold my 2010 335d with 123,000 miles on August 31st. I got $8,500 when I sold it. So here we are almost in February, and the "guy buying for his daughter" has had it for sale out of his used car dealership since then. A month or two ago he was asking $9,950. He has opted to bump the asking to $10,950. I will say this, it's got a fairly new harmonica balancer (August 2017), along with the SCR stuff done in late 2015/early 2016. It will need brakes. It has convenience access, cold, premium packages. https://www.riversidemotorcars.com/...own-New-Haven-NEW-HAVEN/used_car/YhRYQULCSks=

    Call it a day. BMW has not made good cars for about ten years (except for the 1M :^) ). At least dump the diesel.
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    I had both refunds for the NOx sensors and the DEF tank in hand (in my bank, actually). Things were grand. But then sometime in December the CEL comes on. Goes off 3 weeks later: the DDE/ECU tests the SCR system every time it does a DPF regeneration - about once a tank/500 miles or so. But then it came back on, so I took it in. Now, the light is off and I have a set (of FREE warranteed 2 years) NOx sensors. After 20K miles, they failed again. Sigh.

    Love the mileage. I luxuriate in the torque. The heated seats are great for my back (recently herniated a disk - ouch). So many things I like about it. But it sure does make one pause over the problems.

    My appointment was actually to get the airbag replaced, so at least it was a "planned" trip to the dealer!

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