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Rust repair shops? Specializing in BMW?

Discussion in 'E32 (1988-1994)' started by GetragE32, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Hey all,

    I have rust on the bottom of the doors of my e32 where the drain plugs for water are. Probably got plugged over the years. Some suggested I get the rusted portion cut off and weld a new piece. But then you run into the problem of the weld being the weak part and trapped air will cause rust. Anyone know of a superior repair shop that can fix this problem. I would like to fix it and be fixed permanently or as close to indefinitely as possible with the help of coatings or rust proofing. Shops don't have to be limited to Chicagoland. I want this fixed. Rust is like a cancer and I can't stand it!

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Depends on how far gone the rust is. Do you have photos of the affected areas? I would try to send photos to a shop with an online presence and ask for a quote.

    Worst case scenario, you might need to hit the scrap yards and see if you can score some doors. Unless your doors are infected with rust inside the door structure themselves, you really only need the door SKINS. You could try hitting EBAY, but as most sellers are NOT going to be keen on removing just the door skins and shipping them, they could be expensive to ship.

    Bondo or putty is good for holes or areas not around the door edges themselves, but it sounds like you might need new door skins.

    Just to let you know, the FRONT doors interchange among all years. However the REAR doors are specific to i's or iL's. These do not interchange between the short body and long body cars.

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