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Run Flats

Discussion in 'E81/E82/E87/E88 (2004-present)' started by Hair In Wind, Feb 7, 2009.

    Hair In Wind guest

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    I previously had a 3 series, and now a 135i Cabriolet with run-flat tires. The 328i came with the Bridgestones. Absolutely the worse tire I ever drove. Replaced them with Contis which were cheaper and a bit better. I swore I would never buy a car again with run-flats, but the 135i was too sweet to pass up. It has the sport package with the 18" Bridgestone Potenzas. Tire Rack rating on them is mediocre at best, and the cost is absurd for the quality. There are other much better non run-flat tires in this these sizes. So what dfo you all do? Use the damned run-flats and suffer the cost and poor quality, or what?

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    i swapped out to regular rubber a long time ago

    Hair In Wind guest

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    Thanks for the response. What do you do in the event of flats? Does the Continental flat kit work well?

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    Run Flats: Go back to regular tires

    Larry, I recently replaced the original runflats on my e90 wagon and put on regular tires. The sound and ride quality difference is amazing! The other downside to the run flat tire is that it can't safely be repaired, so you're stuck with a hefty bill when your tire blows. I recommend carrying a can of fix a flat in the trunk or going with one of those kits (BMW sells one for the new M3 for about $70). On another note, I've read good things about Kumho tires, and they might have a good replacement at reasonable price for your car:)

    chrisk guest

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    I just got rid of the run flats and replaced them with Yokohama S Drives. Great tires for the money. I was going to get Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec, but the tread life was a consideration.

    bmw22mel guest

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    It could be worse!

    Feel fortunate...you could have a Honda Odyssey or Nissan Quest and have (not all of them do) Michelin PAX tires/wheels. Special wheel (remember TRXs?) special tire, an absolute "challenge" to service...

    BTW, the industry term is "self-supporting"

    atrhugo guest

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    Hey I had a set of TRX on a Mustang once! NEVER AGAIN!! ; -)

    If I can get away with it I may go to Pilots when I wear through the Bridgestones. My experience with Pilots has been good, especially their ability to deliver good tactile sensations to the steering wheel.

    The Bridgestones are a bit numb, stiff and they require little niggling corrections in steering. They stick decently but I worry that when I do move away from the run-flats that the suspension (tuned for the stiff spring rate sidewalls of the run-flats) will be uber-flacid. It's pretty softly suspended as is.

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