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Run flats on back order

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by jsbos, Mar 20, 2014.

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    I've been driving BMWs since 1987 - currently have an F25 X3 with standard 17" tires (purposely went with 17" for winter road hazards in New England. Have a puncture - ran over a nail. On 3/15, I called the dealer for replacement (have tire/wheel insurance) and was told the Bridgestone tires are on back order and hopefully a tire would come in "sometime in April". I'm fine with RF tire but not being able to drive my vehicle for weeks due to a flat is unacceptable and just silly. Not a fan of mismatch tires. Am hoping for a temp tire or loaner car while I wait. All this in a major metro area - the poor folks who live far from dealers.
    Just an FYI to everyone.
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    That's crazy. What if you were on a road trip and this happens. Would they say sorry, you need to camp out here for a couple of weeks? This makes range anxiety in an electric car seem like nothing to worry about. That last bit is kinda apples and oranges isn't it.
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    Seems ridiculous on the surface - the question is where do they source their tires from. Check the Tire Rack website & Discounttire.com for your tires. If they have what you need, I'd be suggesting the dealer order one from there even if it's out of their network as a weeks-long delay is unacceptable. If a major seller like the Tire Rack confirms your tire is back-ordered nationwide due to Bridgestone, then that's more understandable as it's beyond everyone's control due to the manufacturer.

    Owners shouldn't be punished & inconvenienced by BMW's decision to forego offering and accommodating a spare wheel/tire in their vehicles, for exactly this reason. BMW forces it's customers to have faith in the reliability of the supplier network to keep tires stocked to replace those that can't be repaired, & your incident highlights the folly & and at least one potential problem of BMW's cost-saving "no-spare" rationale.

    If they can't get a tire for you by any means and back rolling within 2-3 days tops, I wouldn't be hoping for a loaner, I'd be insisting on one. What's the point of opting into & paying for wheel/tire insurance otherwise?!
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    Yah thats becoming a real problem. I would have the dealer call other dealers to see if they have any over stock of these tires they could sell to your dealer? Just a suggestion.

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