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run flat tire problem

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by Jim Biond, Nov 4, 2014.

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    Jim Biond

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    I lived in Germany in the 70's and drove many different BMWs. The steering on all the models was always superb. Last May I bought a 2007 Z4 with Bridgestone Potenza 225/45R17. This is my 1st experience with run flat tires and I do not have the precision BMW steering. I had the dealer do a full alignment but the problem is still there. Would appreciate any advice.
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    Have you driven another Z4 to see how it compares to yours? The Z4 you have does have a new style electric steering rack. The feel of it is quite different than other older BMW's.
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    shelbyvnt Baby Bee...

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    How many miles on the tires? I got about 20,000 miles on my Bridgestones & also brought the car in for a full alignment. The Dealer told me I needed to replace the tires, as the tire were showing signs of "feathering".
    New tires brought the BEE back to the ride I enjoyed from the beginning. The worn tires were extremely loud & made the car feel unstable. Driving the car since new, the difference for me was the tires.
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    I had the same experience as shelbyvnt. Z runs a whole lot better with the new tires and an alignment.
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    Our first exposure to run flats was on a 2006 E90 330xi. Those first generation BridgeRock run flats were worse than terrible. The noisiest, roughest riding tires we've ever owned. They were worn out in ~10,000 miles and warranty replaced with Continental run flats. A night and day difference. Still had good tread 33,000 miles later. The car still didn't feel anything like my E39 540i Sport but it was better.
    The next car, a 208 335xi was equipped with the 2nd gen. Bridgestone run flats. Lousy! Replaced with Conti run flats again. Improvement again.
    Next an F25 X3 with 3rd gen Continental run flats. The tires were getting better. Not great, but certainly decent.
    Just from our experience, Bridgestone run flats are Not in our future.

    If a tire change doesn't help, then it's time for deeper inspection of suspension components, etc.

    Going back and forth between my 2002 E39 540i Sport and a 2006 E90 330xi was a challenge. An entirely different animal. The two cars drove very differently. The 540 was much more engaging. We grew to really love that first E90 but, it took a bit to adjust. We've since leased and test driven many other new BMWs. The connected feel enjoyed in earlier Bimmers is largely absent. Drivers are increasingly isolated from the driving experience. Not just BMW, all manufacturers. For the hoards of soccer moms and texting teens driving these cars today, it's probably a good thing. For true enthusiast drivers ... uh-hh ... not so much.
    We've adapted and really enjoy the newer BMWs, just for slightly different reasons.

    Now, that little M235i ... is Fun. ... A LOT of Fun.
    Still trying to find a way to put one in our garage.

    Good luck and hope you get to the point where you wear a big smile every time you get in your Z4.

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