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Road Atlanta passenger

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2009' started by tblackgt350, Aug 4, 2009.

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    I'm doing the weekend event at Road Atlanta and I'm trying to get my wife interested in HPDE driving. Will there be any way that I can take her out for a couple of laps to show her the course and get an idea of what its like??
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    steven s

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    No. The only person that can take anyone for laps are instructors.
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    Last year my instructor took my wife as a passenger for one of his instructor sessions without any problems.

    mdstein guest

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    If they have parade laps/charity laps during lunch, she may be able to drive on the track at low speeds. Otherwise, as mentioned above, only instructors can take passengers out when the track is hot. If she wants to ride with an instructor it's usually not a problem. Ask your instructor early so he/she has time to OK it with the chief driving instructor and work it into his/her run sessions or to find an instructor who can. Also remember that, if she wants to take a hot lap as a passenger, she will need a suitable helmet. Good luck and kudos to you and your wife!
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    And clothes.
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    Correct, we definitely allow our instructors to take passengers, and this is a great way to have a spouse or friend get a feel for what you do out there. Make sure they have the proper attire (long pants/closed toed shoes) and make arrangements for a properly-fitting Snell 2000+ helmet for them to wear.
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    Jeez, Woody, are you and Chuck really that old? You haven't even met his wife ... :D

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