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Road Atlanta Forza 2 XBox 360

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2009' started by hobregon, Sep 19, 2009.

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    Does anyone now if the configuration for the driving school for Road Atlanta will be the same as the one in the XBox 360 Game Forza 2?

    I'd like to get a bit of familiarity with the layout.

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    hobregon guest

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    Well, after printing out the track map here http://www.bmwccaofest.org/filearchive/2f1303577c82b128bea1dd19dc756d80.pdf it seems to me that the Road Atlanta layout in Forza 2 is identical to what we will be running.

    There is also a Road Atlanta II layout in the game for a shorter track. I know that it is never the same in the game but it at least gives a reasonable idea of the lines and turn sequences.
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    They will be using full course. The game layout, turn-in points, etc, are all very realistic. The thing you get almost zero feel for in the game is the elevation changes which are substantial and a lot of fun.

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