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Right Brake Lamp Malfunction??

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by lens314, May 23, 2008.

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    Yesterday, while driving home from work, my 335i's Check Control chimes at me with "Right Brake Lamp Malfunction" warning. I was stopping to get fuel anyways, and checked the operation of the right rear lights as best as I could. Both brake lights worked, right turn signal worked, and the right tail light (when headlights are on) worked. The only thing I could not test was the "sudden stop" extra brake light.

    I called the nearest dealer to have them look at it, and setup an appointment for Saturday morning.

    As I got closer to home, I noticed the warning triangle in the dash disappeared, and I checked Check Control, and the malfunction flag was go, all systems where OK. This morning everthing was fine as well.

    Anyone have anything similar happen? I am guessing it is a loose connection that wiggled itself loose, then wiggled itself back?

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    Our `02 330xi has had a similar problem for quite awhile that the dealer has not been able to resolve. The dash display indicates that the right rear light is malfunctioning and indeed it sometimes does not work. Then it starts working and the dash warning disappears. The bulbs are all good... the dealer has changed them several times (and charged us).

    The problem is escalated by the fact that we live one block off a 2-lane 55 mph highway that we have to turn right off of to get home. That means that the right brake light and rear turn signal is important in avoiding rear end crashes.

    Do you (or anyone) have any suggestions?
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    It sounds like you may have a ground circuit problem but I would think the dealer would have been aware of this issue....



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