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Returning to BMW

Discussion in 'BMW' started by pcbeckwith, May 30, 2012.

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    I will be returning to BMW in the next couple of months after having made the mistake of leasing another vehicle which was not a BMWand regretting it every day I drove it so I need some insight. I am going to purchase pre-owned because I cannot afford a new BMW but I am looking at either a 335, 535 or M. Question is, based upon owners experiences, would it be worth it to purchase an M over the 335 or 535 in regard to upkeep and future maintenance? I realize I would have to purchase an M slightly older then either the 335 or 535 and also the M does not come in an All-Wheel model. Would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.
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    Glad to hear your returning. What BMW you go with really depends on how you plan to use the car. If you plan on using the M as an M car is engineered it is worth the extra cost. If daily duty is all you need then either a 335 or 535 will work wonderfully. The 335 will be more sporty being lighter and more agile.
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    it really depends on your use case. if you are concerned about all wheel drive traction living in OH, you are pretty much locked into a 335/535. if you need more passenger and luggage space, then a 5er of some variety. if you need the utmost performance, and want to be completely immersed in the drive, M is your new baby.

    In terms of future upkeep, what are your long term goals with the car? you previously leased a car. would you be leasing again? buying and then trading in within 4 years? if thats the case (and also depending on your driving habits/distances), i do not think maintenance would be that great of a concern other than consumables, which, if you stay on your toes, would be a minimal difference between a 3er/5er and an M.

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