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Restoring a 1986 BMW E30--looking for helpful restoration roadmap

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by paulc, May 13, 2010.

    paulc guest

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    May be a silly question, but I am looking for a book or how to manual to help me restore my 1986 325e. I am mechanical, and do basic service on my cars, but haven't restored a car.

    I want to make this car a pristine daily driver, but not looking to make this a work of art. have a Bentley manual, but wondering if there are other books or publications that are recommended, and would give me a DIY list and help me get started.
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    John in VA

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    Brian A

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    Bentley is my shepherd and I shall not want.

    jeanm guest

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    I would start with replacing all the old / worn out components such as:

    suspension components (front/rear bushings, control arm, struts/shocks including the trailing arm and subframe bushings that most don't ever replace).....
    front/rear wheel bearings as needed...
    engine/tranny mounts/guibo and/or csb
    shifter components.
    brake components (lines, rotors, calipers and/or pads)
    ignition components (plugs/rotors/wires)
    fuel filter and/or lines
    clutch and master/slave cylinders

    This would be the bare minimum of important components....pretty much all e30s need these unless recently replaced by previous owner, and since most people don't spend much one keeping an old car on the road most of these parts are probably way overdue...

    my 2 cents.
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    +2 on the Restoration bible. It is a good book and gives some good advice about things. It can be a funny read too, it is written by a brit for the brits. So the language and usage is not something you see much on this side of the pond.
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    Bentley Manual + 101 Performance Projects.

    "101 Performance Projects for your BMW 3-Series" and the Bentley manual.

    These books work well together. The "101 projects" book tells you why certain project is important, and what to expect out of it. The color pictures are a great help too, although it is mixed between E30 and E36 series. The Bentley book is an essential manual, very detailed, but it is obviously pretty dry reading.

    I haven't seen the Restoration book yet, so I can't comment. I bet it works well with the Bentley as well. Maybe it is more focused on an actual restoration, versus hopping up the car for performance, as is the objective in the "101" book.

    Hope this is helpful.

    jeanm guest

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    The restoration bible is a nice book, it is more e30 related than the 101 projects book.

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