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Replacing (H7) Daytime Running Lights

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by Spydeputy, Sep 18, 2008.

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    This comes f/ a long time sports car nut to a first BMW enthusiasts.
    I own a 2008 BMW 33xi (E90) w/ factory HID package. i am looking to replace the factory daytime running lights, a (H7) w/ the same wattage, but whiter in color. To more like the HID factory lights.
    So here is the question, how do you go about changing that bulb, I see there are clips on the back of the headlight asembly, but they are not easy to unsnap. I have also removed the front tire and opened the access panel. But that only got me to the turn signal bulb. Also removed the 2 top screws on the assembly, which made it loose, but it still is attached on the underside of the headlight assembly. So w/out a manual, I have run out of brains. I believe other club members my be interested in this bulb change as well. Let us know the secret.
    Thanks in advance, Dave f/ Bel Air

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    If the running lights are still the non-HID halogen, there

    is nothing that will make that bulb burn brighter because the voltage going to it is cut in half or more. Even in get a more powerful bulb, it will still burn at half the normal voltage and it will look the same as the original one. It will however, be much brighter when its on at night if it is indeed the high beam and you are using them as such.
    The only way to make that running light brighter is to pull the bulb out and replace it with a known good LED brand bulb - BUT, you will lose your high beam because LED's are not bright in this configuration, as a highbeam halogenbulb..
    I dont know how the lights are set up in your year bimmer, but in my older ones, the entire light assembly is held together by 4 screws, and then you pull it out from the front. You still have to find the bulbs, unplug them, and turn them clockwise in the housing and pull them out. Sometimes you can do this easier when you are pulling the light assembly out the front. You also have to carefully unplug your Xenon Ballast so make sure the car is not turned on at all.. And dont turn it back on until you have it all back together or you will trip a fault code, which may or may not be a problem..
    Find a good 3 series board and you will see dozens of people who have tried to do this same thing.. Good luck ! DanF

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