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Replacement OEM wheels for E60 550i 6sp Sport ?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by ajcaruso, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Dealer diagnosed slow leaks on both rear tires as cracked wheels(!) and
    quoted replacements at $600 EACH ! Seems to me, I could buy 4 decent
    new wheels for $1200 and sell the front wheels to offset my costs.

    Rear tires are 275/35 R 18, but I don't know their width/offset
    (fronts are 245/40 R 18)

    Are "matching" OEM wheels available aftermarket? Any suggested sources?
    (assume the hub roundel pops out and can be transferred, pic below)

    Any mfg suggestions for a full set of wheels of the original quality?
    (Considering the weight/power of the car)

    Any reason to explore "repairing" the cracked wheels?

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    John in VA

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    You don't say where you are, but you can get refinished BMW wheels from Wheel Collision Center in Bath PA. If your wheels are repairable they will give you $$ off towards the new ones.

    There are wheels of better quality than BMWs - BBS come to mind.
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    You didn't provide pics of the crack...
    I got my cracked wheel repaired and repainted. Got all 4 wheels redone (refinished with different color), two required fixing. One had a crack and the other was slightly bent. Total cost = $600.

    You're better off getting that one wheel fixed/refinished.
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    I couldn't find the crack. The tire would lose 12-15 lbs of air over 10-14 days, so it may not be visible.
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    Sounds like typical massive dealer markup versus BMWNA list prices. Your dealer is probably marking up list price substantially. What is the wheel Style number?

    My suggestion is to go to www.realoem.com, find the part number for the wheels, and then go to www.getbmwparts.com to find out how much they really are.

    For example, for Style 124 550i the 8x18 fronts are $398 BMWNA list and $318 their price (Tischer runs getbmwparts.com). The 9x18 rears are $403 list and $323 their price.

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