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Recommendations for Rust Protection

Discussion in 'BMW' started by tronsen, Nov 6, 2019.

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    I just purchased a 230i for daily driver duty in Vermont and I want the car to last a long time. The going age for rust to fully take hold of fenders, rockers, and floors here is about ten years if the only thing you do to prevent the rust is go through the car wash every other week. Has BMWs factory rust protection improved enough where I shouldn’t worry about this as much? Popular protections in the area are hot oil sprays and wax spray undercoating. Has anyone had good experience with either of these, or any other form of protection? Thanks in advance!
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    Here in the Midwest I have not had many issues with rust besides e38 and some e46. Newer ones I have not seen much. Can’t say I have seen a BMW with rust proofing done so sorry cant comment on it.
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