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Recall - Service Bulletin Information

Discussion in 'E46 M3 (2001-2006)' started by Jnewland, Apr 30, 2009.

    mose121 guest

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    Recall was for O2 sensor parameters, client's were getting service engine soon warnings intermittently and ultimately O2 sensors and/or cat's may have had to be replaced prematurely as a result. I have not had anyone complain to me yet about this concern. Are the symptoms you guys are having only happening during the warm up phase? Or all the time? I don't think the programming is supposed to effect anything once the car leaves the warm up phase, so in theory the car should run the same as always once warmed up. The other thing I'll say is that the adaptive probably get reset with the reprogramming, so that would alter the way the engine/trans operates until it "relearns" you particular driving habits.

    Nice Rumble guest

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    DME Recall

    Was this recall for the entire E46 series or only particular years? Reason I'm asking is I'm looking at buying a '02 M3 coupe. I asked the seller and he didn't know as he's the second owner but said he could check with his dealer. I remember reading about this in the Roundel letters section a ways back.

    KCP37 guest

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    I'm not sure what years the recall affects. This is purely subjective, but after my reprogram, I think my car has lost it's "edge". Like my wife says..."it just doesn't throw me back into the seat like it used to." I would have the recall done and drive the car before buying it. You might end up feelig different about it after the reprogram....You may be able to skip the recall all together, as long as your state doesn't test emmisions.

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