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Discussion in 'Membership Rewards Rebate' started by z4fun, Nov 26, 2008.

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    I am happy to report that I leased a 2009 335xi on 10/31/08 and I received my $500 rebate from BMW NA on 11/24/08. Thank you BMW CCA....no complaints here!

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    You got lucky! Some of us never got ours because the CCA office "lost" our paperwork.
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    Member Reward Paperwork

    The BMW CCA office did not "lose" the paperwork in question. Unfortunately, we did not receive the paperwork. Perhaps it was mailed to the wrong address, got lost in the mail or something else happened to it, but it was not received by this office. No one regrets a denied rebate request more than the CCA office staff.

    Most days we have the pleasure of informing members their Reward Request has been processed and a check is on the way. There are days when we have the unpleasant responsibility of informing a member that their request has been denied for one reason or another. Often times that reason is because the paperwork was submitted late. In this instance we never received the paperwork.

    There is zero upside to informing a member that their Reward Request has been denied. The majority of members, who have been denied, understand the reasons given and accept that we are doing the best we can for them and the Club. A few are so upset that occasionally their anger gets the best of them and they lash out at the staff and some even resign their membership in the Club.

    The funding for the Member Reward Program is generously provided by BMW NA. BMW NA creates the rules under which our members are able to receive this important benefit of membership. When processing Reward Requests the staff has no choice but to apply those rules fairly and equitably across the board so as to maintain the integrity and longevity of this program.

    We encourage members to submit their paperwork as early as possible and to do so requesting verification of delivery by the carrier of their choice. Include an e mail address so that we can let you know we are processing your paperwork. If you sent your paperwork and have not received verification by the staff that it is being processed within ten (10) days call to make certain we have it. Please do not wait until the sixty (60) day mark has passed.

    If you have any questions related to eligibility for the program please call us at anytime. We want to help you receive your Member Reward.

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