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Rear Subframe Floor Failure

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by 326108, Sep 6, 2008.

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    (Note: although this question is about an E46, I'm posting it in the E36 forum as well since it's my understanding that this problem started with the E36's and may have been more frequent in E36's)

    A nephew of mine has a 2000 328Ci which has experienced the rear subframe mount point failure problem. This is where the suspension subframe/differential carrier torque load creates cracks in and eventually tears out the floor section where the mount point(s) are located.

    We're doing some research on possible approaches and have contacted Mike Miller and Turner Motorsport who manufactures reinforcement kits for the rear floor subframe mount points.

    In addition, however, it would be very helpful to hear from any of you who may have experienced this failure as to how you dealt with it.

    Some of the questions that would be useful:
    1. Were you succesful at getting BMW to address the problem? Did it take legal action or threat of legal action?
    2. Did you repair the problem? What did it cost you?
    3. If yes to 2, who did the work for you? My nephew lives in LA right now so west coast references would be very helpful.
    4. If yes to 2, did you have the TMS reinforcing kit installed? If not, why?
    5. If you didn't repair the problem what did you do?

    Any information that any of you have about this would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

    Dave Ross

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    Resr Subframe Failure

    I have a 2000 323i with 116K miles. I live in DC so I'm constantly dealing with stop and go traffic and streets lined with pot-holes. I just recently in the last month or two realized the noise in the rear of my car which led me to discover that I now have this problem. The mount is very close to ripping through the subframe. The sheet metal of the subframe already is ripped like crazy and everytime I need to go somewhere I hesitate to drive it. Unfortunately I have no other vehicle to drive so it just keeps getting worse.

    I've taken it to a few different shops to get estimates on the work and it looks like it's going to cost me between $800-$1500 to get it fixed (and that's if I purchase the E46 Rear Chassis Reinforcement Kit from turner motorsport). Everyone I have asked told me to purchase the kit because it will save me a lot of $ in labor so that they don't have to fabricate the new plates. This makes sense however I still find it difficult to swallow the cost when clearly this is a fundamental problem that BMW is aware of.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get the repair done that may be cheaper or that they know does a great job?

    If anyone wants to see the kit and the install instructions or a gallery of cars with the problem go to the following link:


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    Contact my brother James or anyone else at Road Race Technologies in Dulles. They have done this to the race cars they run, so they should be familiar with it. Don't exepect it to be too cheap, because you have to do all that disasembly just ot get to the problem.
    Tell them Paul sent you. They may give you preferential treatment if you tell them you are a club member (I don't know because I am not affilitaed with their business.)

    And stop driving your car! You can only do more damage or end up stuffing the car as a result of total failure! I know you need a car in DC, but you need to keep breathing as well.

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