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Rear Compartment Lid Joint Line Fix? Bavaria 3.0

Discussion in 'E3 "New 6", 2500, 2800, Bavaria 3.0S & 3.0Si (1968' started by Lionhead, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Looking for help in figuring out how to open (if possible) the air extraction system or ventilation groove that is located at the end of each of the two back windows outside the car. They are some sort of ventilation panels attached to the frame of the car. Water can normally get in there and get drained but now its leaking inside the car and would like to seal it. Any help in how to detach these will be appreciated. Thanks
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    No experience w/ your model, so no clue - online, you might try your question at mye28.com, which might well have folks familiar with Bavaria's.

    Maybe try contacting someone here: firstfives.org

    You might try any of the TIPS reps - see the club services pages towards the back of the Roundel; try Jenny Morgan, Terry Sayther, Carl Nelson, or Brett Hurless.

    See the special interest groups listed in the Roundel also - you might hit up the BMW Vintage & Classic Car Club of America, they might be able to refer you to someone who'd have an idea.

    I imagine the guys @ the Werk Shop are pretty busy, but if you call and say you're a club member in need of some help, maybe they'd have someone who knows Bav's who could offer a suggestion - they'll have an ad in the Roundel, check the advertiser index towards the end or you should find it paging through the back pages.

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