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Rear Axle Diagnosis?

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by Michgndr89, Sep 17, 2018.

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    Baby Blue is a 2006 330xi, 180k miles...but this is a more generic question. I've just replaced my right front axle because of a ton of play at the inner joint. The left front was rock solid.

    Question: How and what type of play is "normal" for the rear axles and how would I know what is excessive? If I grab the axle and am able to move it front/back or up/down with "some" clunk, that seems bad. Longitudinal travel?

    Trying to understand what my hands are telling me. It seems as if the proper rear axle would be as rock solid as my left front. Thanks, folks!
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    Axles should have some play since they move with suspension travel and steering movement. So grabbing them by hand and moving is not always the best test. The axle in the rear has different joints then the front ones so don't compare the rears to the front and vise versa. I recommend checking from one side to the other on the rear. You vehicle really doesn't have know issues with the rear axles. So look for torn boots or signs of grease leaks. Are you having any noise from the vehicle when driving?

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