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Raffle emails opt-out?

Discussion in 'Member Benefits and Questions' started by afadeev, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Please consider a setting to suppress raffle emails.
    Fully 50+% of national communications I receive are related to the raffle, which has no appeal to me. Whatsoever.
    Yet, there is no simple way to stop raffle solicitations, short of unsubscribing from all CCA National emails.

    Please consider offering a way to opt-out form this flavor of spam.
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    Exactly - I came to the site looking for a way to do this. The raffle thing is really getting out of hand. I received 12 emails in September about raffles, and now in October I've been getting them almost every day. I joined a car club, not a gambling club. I already have a BMW that I'm happy with. I'd like to support the club and the brand, but if this continues I'm not going to renew.

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