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Radio replacement in E39

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by traz676, May 5, 2008.

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    My factory installed radio in my 1997 528I is giving me trouble on FM.It fades in and out.Anybody do a replacement on these cars? What fits , will it sinc up with the steering wheel buttons.

    Jonathan Spira guest

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    You are limited to replacing the radio module with the original BMW part. No other module will work with your car.

    mhardey guest

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    The challenge we E-39ers face when dealing with a radio failure is that the speaker crossovers (tweeter/midrange/woofer sound distribution) arei integrated into the system. If you have a DSP unit, and that unit is no longer functioning, you will have to either "create" some crossovers for the speakers or replace the speakers. This can be a challenging project, but the wiring diagrams are widely available (www.bmwtips.com - i think) and folks like Crutchfield can set you up with all of the gear you need, including an I/R device that preserves operation of the steering wheel controls if you are so inclined. The real question is how long do you plan to keep the car, and how much do you want to invest? I'm facing the same problem, and haven't figured out the best solution just yet. Good luck!
    2000 528i Sport (173,000 glorious miles to date!)

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