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Radio Removal, 2005 325i

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by NickC274, Mar 1, 2008.

    NickC274 guest

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    I want to install an aux input plug kit I bought, to the standard radio, and the instructions say to start by removing the radio.[Was told there will be a couple of hex head fasteners that I need to get at] I think I need to remove the plastic dash trim above the radio but I'm not sure of how to do that without breaking something. Anyone have knowledge of how to remove the radio in this car, or have any other suggestions?

    Thanks for any help,

    Nick C.

    tackett37 guest

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    radio0 removal

    i don't know if your radio is the same as in my 86 535i,but the hex screws are hidden behind small plates on radio face ,one each side about center you should find covers they flip out torx screw under cover.
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    Most 80's era BMW radios have a BMW-specific 5-sided socket-head screw in the head unit that you have to turn to pull out the radio. Not sure if E36-on models used the same setup. It _looks_ like it's a 6-sided hex, but it's 5. You can use a hex to remove it, but obviously it's not a perfect fit. Bavauto, dealers & others sell the radio removal tool.

    ah - realoem says filister head screw (assuming your car's an e46 - pick the right info from realoem for your car) -


    You should be able to get that out w/ a conventional screwdriver, probably a phillips.
    I'm guessing from the diagram there's some surround trim panel or something you have to remove to gain access to the screws holding in the radio.

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