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Proof of Ownership

Discussion in 'Membership Rewards Rebate' started by pennington22, Sep 14, 2009.

    pennington22 guest

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    I bought my new 335i (financed) Saturday and I'm ready to turn in my rebate form. My problem is that I have neither a "Bill of Sale" nor a "Certificate of Title".

    The entire list of documents provided to me are:
    1) Retail Buyers Order
    2) BMW Financial Services Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Contract - Ohio
    3) Delivery Report
    4) Odometer Disclosure Statement
    5) Temporary Tag Registration Application

    I don't suppose any of these qualify do they?


    office guest

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    You can make a copy of the complete Vehicle Retail Installment Contract and a copy of the Odometer statement and that will be fine.

    BMW NA is basically looking for the official contract that has your name and address on it and that you signed as well as the odometer reading. The "official" documents have many names including retail contract, bill of sale, lease agreement, etc but basically they are looking for the actual document you signed as a contract for buying that car.

    Please make sure to make a complete copy (even if it has to be copied in parts.)
    Many member's send in the just the first page or the top part and fail to include the signature part at the very bottom. This results in a letter asking for a complete copy and delays the rebate.

    Tricia Jones

    pennington22 guest

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    Very useful information, thank you!

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