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Problem after fuel filter replacement '04 525i

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by ljrober, Oct 1, 2009.

    ljrober guest

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    Has anyone had problems after a fuel filter replacement?

    I had my fuel filter replaced a few months ago and I seem to have an issue. It didn't start right away but over time it has been getting noticeable. I've experienced what I'll call some hesitation and then something that felt like a "cough". Most recently my a/c didn't seem to kick in for a few miles.

    The fuel filter was replaced at BMW of Austin and now I'm in Arlington, Tx.

    Any recommendations for service in the area?
    And suggestions as to what the problem might be?


    ljrober guest

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    Problem continues ....

    Still having a stuttering problem without any help from Dealer service department. I did find out that the Ethanol is going up in the DFW area causing mileage to drop as much as 5 miles per gallon!

    The Dealer suggested that I was buying cheap gas but I'm not consistently frequenting one gas station. My Benz friends aren't having a problem buying their gas at the so called cheap stations (QT or RaceTrack). I may get a tank there now and again so I don't believe that to be the problem.

    Maybe fuel injectors?

    As my car ran rough off the highway, after pick up at the Dealer, the words of the Service Adviser came into my head "your car isn't throwing any error messages". So that means any of the detailed information I gave them didn't mean a thing since there isn't a "code" associated with it.

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