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Power steering reservoir location? '93 525iT

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by puma, Nov 7, 2008.

    puma guest

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    Hi, Recently my steering has started to get noisy. I'm sure I'm just low on fluid but I've found no leaks. I've looked in the bently manual and the BMW manual but the photos they have for the power steering reservoir don't match what's in my car.
    I have a suspect but I don't want to put fluid into the wrong place. It's a metal canister with a screen on the inside at the top & there is no dipstick or visible level marked inside the canister.

    Here is a photo:

    Thanks for any help!

    SFaikel guest

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    hmmm.. noisy steering, could also be strut bearings... Is it a squeak, grinding? But yes! that looks like a power steering reservoir... :)

    puma guest

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    Thanks for the reply!

    It's kind of a moaning noise. It only happens at low speeds too.

    Is the power steering reservoir supposed to have a screen/filter (cup shaped) at the top?
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    That is it. It is also the reservoir for the self leveling rear suspension. There is a filter under that cup screen that should probably be replaced at this age. The reservoir should only be filled with CHF (can't remember if it is 7.1 or 11s,) as the cap should say. It should be filled just to the bottom of the cup screen.

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