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Plethora of problems in a span of 10 days.

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by vinaysp, Mar 8, 2011.

    vinaysp guest

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    - Took the vehicle in to get engine ticking checked. Dealer said that the lifters needed to be replaced. Got that done.

    - Noticed that the engine noise at idle was rather loud. Took the vehicle in again, dealer replaced cylinder head.

    - 30 minutes before I was supposed to take delivery of the vehicle, the dealer called to inform me that they discovered that the water pump was not functioning and needed to be replaced. Got that done too.

    - 10 minutes before delivery, service manager noticed coolant light is on, and adds coolant to the tank.

    - 2 minutes before driving off I notice that my tach is wavering. Asked the service manager about this and his explanation was that this was because they had to reset the vehicles engine computer and make a software update and that the computer now needed to get used to my driving. So apparently this is 'normal' in this situation. Is this true or is the dealer yanking my chain?

    Thankfully all repairs were covered by warranty.

    cwbiii guest

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    These cars do "learn" your driving habits... having said that, I don't think it needs to learn anything about the tach. So that says the engine is running roughly which "may" have something to do with your driving style but I don't think so. The other issue could be a cold engine and that can always be a bit unsteady until it warms up. If it still flutters after its warm and you've driven it 30 or so miles then tell then that there is still a
    problem. Sometimes you've got to let them keep it until they get it right.
    If it's got the VANOS heads then they could be part of the issue since they have to be carefully assembled and calibrated in order to work properly... sometimes it takes a bit to get them adjusted just right.

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    Possibly correct

    Perhaps the SA is correct; in resetting the computer they may have lost the adaptation values for the piezo-electric injectors. Those suckers are each a little different and it takes a bit for the computer to learn about each ones' actual response in actual duration vs. commanded duration.

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